Moving Day

We’re moving again! Sorry but I need more room and more features so here’s the new addy http://gerijones6464.typepad.com/alteredcrow/   Please change your bookmarks or readers. I will leave this one up for awhile and to link to my archives, until I get them all moved. but starting today the new addy is the place to be!!


Christmas Farewell


I’m just too distracted, after all I’ll be 46 on the 25th!!! So here’s my gift to you for the big day and I’ll post after Christmas. In all seriousness, I wish you all the happiest of Holidays,whatever one you celebrate. I pray you all receive and assimilate the sweet Peace of this season and look past the silliness to the heart of it! I love you all!

I’m just sayin’

Sometimes you know you can NEVER say it as well as someone else. Read this! Get some perspective.

How about some snow!!!

Pfft not here. Just a little dust on the ground,gone by noon and the source of much sobbing here. Damn weather!  Poor little boy!

Any way go here for your own snow.Stolen shamelessly from Pretty Little Things.

I wish you snow, have fun!!!

Making Bears

Here’s the copy of an email I received this AM. As you can tell from the content, my Wisconsin family suffers from brain freeze!!! I’m begging y’all, come south!!!

Hi Geri,
Two weeks ago after our first major snow we went out tracking wolves for the Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR for short) and we came across this set of bear tracks instead. Some hunters must have scared him out of his winter den. This is Sam’s self portrait of him with the bear track.


Abject humiliation might be the best gift you give those you love, so here’s your gift from me,Tammy and Tristyn!

Happy Holidays!!!


wrapping-001.jpg     wrapping-002.jpg    wrapping-003.jpg

This was my hell today!I wrapped presents from 830-30 a full 12 hours

my legs hurt, my arms hurt and  hurt and I’m so tired  could lay down and sleep for a week! NEVER AGAIN!!!  I swear I didn’t make my handmade pledge but truly, about a third of that pile is handmade.  The best part is: I can clean this pigsty tomm.

wrapping-007.jpg  One of my swap ornaments: Michelle Tang

wrapping-010.jpg  Another:  Veronica Rinker

wrapping-011.jpg  This cutie from:  Sarah Day

wrapping-012.jpg  This tree from Laurie Mortinger

Aren’t these sweet. I love them all and next year I’m putting the real tree up so they can be shown off properly!

wrapping-008.jpg   The Charlie Brown Tree

wrapping-009.jpg  My Christmas Card LOVE!!!!   Thank You Cousins!!!!

wrapping-013.jpg Last but not least( ok, maybe least)  my grey hair

wrapping-015.jpg   SEE!!!!   OMG someone might think I’m old. Bitches!!!